Civil Law

Civil law may sound like a foreign term, but it simply refers to legal matters that involve individuals only. In many areas of law, there may be an individual as either plaintiff or defendant and a company, organization, the government, or the criminal justice system on the other side. In this way, civil law can actually be more complicated than other areas of law — as it must account for human nature and interpersonal disputes.

HOA Disputes

Some people claim that they’ll never own property that’s governed by a homeowners association. Considering some of the common disputes that arise in this situation, can you blame them? HOAs exist to set a standard in a residential area, which can manifest itself in the form of a community’s HOA filing complaints against residents who breach these standards. HOAs will commonly act on issues such as:

  • Smoking in prohibited areas
  • Failure to maintain exterior property aesthetics as set by the HOA
  • Renting out property to renters with poor behavior
  • Conducting business within a residential property
  • Violating HOA rules regarding pets, noise, and other behavior

What exists to create an enjoyable living environment for everyone can quickly become a frustrating nuisance when it feels like all you do is argue with your homeowners association. Instead of getting mad — get help. We’ll help you identify when your HOA oversteps their boundaries and explain what you can do when they’ve started a dispute with you.

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Personal Injuries

Did you know that about 52% of accidents occur within five miles of a person’s home? When you head off to work or run to the grocery store, you may not realize just how likely it is that an accident can occur. Personal injury cases involve more than just car accidents. In fact, they often come in the form of trucking accidents, slip and fall accidents, and bicycling accidents.

The two key things to remember about personal injuries are: 1) the other party will likely try to downplay their responsibility for the accident, and 2) you’re entitled 

to compensation if you suffer harm at the fault of someone else. Trying to fight these cases alone is an extremely aggravating process. If you’ve been injured, put the power on your side by hiring us.

Residential Real Estate

Real estate transactions are on the rise in Colorado as more and more people call the state their home. Nearly 101,000 new residents moved to Colorado between 2014 and 2015, and Colorado regularly ranks high on the list for states with the highest population growth.

This growth is certainly exciting, but it can also pose unique challenges to those hoping to buy or sell real estate in Colorado. To top it off, residential real estate transactions already come with a slew of hurdles in the form of inspections, negotiations, contracts, rentals, investors, and more. An attorney may not be the first person you think to turn to when it comes to real estate, but you’ll find that our help will be an invaluable asset — no matter the type of transaction.

Civil Law Attorney in Durango, Colorado

When you find yourself filing or facing a civil law case, areas like your health, property, finances, and well-being may be at stake. This is why it’s so crucial that you don’t try to tackle these matters alone. Our attorney will break down these complex topics, explain your rights, and fearlessly fight for you in and out of the courtroom. Contact us today.